CCM Installs their first Perivo Quick Lock system in the US

CCM Installs their first Perivo Quick Lock system in the US

CCM Die Supply is proud to announce the successful installation of their first Perivo Quick-Lock system in the United States at Coburn Carton Solutions in Hayesville, Ohio.

Peter van Oosterhout of Perivo and Michael Troha of CCM Die Supply completed the installation in May, working with Coburn’s die-cutting manager, Steve Jones.

The revolutionary Perivo Quick-Lock system ensures rapid and precise positioning of all tooling in the cutting chase, stripping and blanking frames by fitting all the tooling into one frame.  Time is saved by exchanging tooling in the Quick-Lock frames, and by eliminating time-consuming manual repositioning of tools for each production run.  The system also improves accuracy in the die-cutting process, as it ensures tools are positioned to a tolerance of .10mm. This ensures the frame’s stability and that there is no ‘play’ on the tooling due to the constant spring pressure on the locking system for all boards.

The Quick-Lock cutting chases are adapted to the dimensions of each plant’s boards.  Because the Quick-Lock frame accommodates all tooling, there is no need to replace existing parts for blanking and stripping. 

CCM Managing Director, Bob Stoddard, commented; “We are extremely pleased with the results of this first installation and excited by the crucial time and cost savings this system will bring to Coburn’s facility. Companies which utilize this system will see tremendous time efficiencies thanks to less downtime for their presses.  At a time when lean manufacturing and efficiency are key, the Perivo Quick-Lock system is a logical and valuable addition to any die-cutting operation.”

For more information on Perivo Quick-Lock systems and other press components, please contact Michael Troha at .

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