Now stocking- Thin Plates!

Now stocking- Thin Plates!

We are excited to offer you C&T thin plates, the best plates on the market!

Our plates are made of high quality steel with guaranteed hardness rated in Rockwell "C", NOT HRC Vickers.  These plates have a 7.5 Rockwell hardness advantage versus competitors plates.  Plate hardness is critical- this one factor alone brings these important advantages:

  • Maximizes life of the cutting plate
  • Improves cutting die life
  • Reduces marking on the plate surface
  • Reduces board swarf
  • Reduces nicks
  • Reduces spot up

And these plates are cut using a Bystonic laser for accuracy, with a profile tolerance of +/- .0.01. You will not find a better plate out there, and certainly not at a better price.  

Most of our plates can be used on all 4 sides (symmetrical design), can be turned over, rotate 180 degrees, with elongated bolt holes to help with fit.  Small technical alternations have been done to help operators, and all plates are hand finished to avoid any burring and to remove any sharp edges.

Due to the shipping method required for thin plates, these cannot be ordered via our website, so please shoot us an email at or call us at 800-451-7373 to order your plates.