Ejection Rubber- Flat Die Cutting

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A Brief Guide for Choosing your Flat Ejection Rubber:

T-75 or MR-75 (brick red):  Extra firm ejection material, very popular for cartons, labels, and other thin substrates.  T-75 is traditional open-cell; MR-75 is a neo/micro-cell.

6110 or 03500 (red):  Extra firm ejector used for cartons, labels and other thin substrates with fast recovery.  Both are open-cell.

RD-73 or Red Rhino (red): Firm ejector used in both rotary and flat die-cutting for a wide range of substrates. 

6118 or 06500 (red): Firm ejection rubber used for corrugated or thicker substrates.  Both are open cell.  

B-65 or MR1100 (black):  Medium density ejector perfect for thick substrates and hand-fed, flat die-cutting.  B-65 is open cell; MR1100 is neo/microcell.

6220 or 02700 (tan): Medium density ejector used for thicker substrates and hand-fed flat die-cutting.  Both are open-cell.

K-60 (tan): Similar to B-65 or MR1100, but for thicker substrates.  Open-cell.

6320 or 15700 (tan): Similar to 6220/02700, but for thicker substrates.  Open-cell.

Cork or 13500 (brown):  Cork and rubber composite that is very durable and used for crushing.  

Green/Groovy Grilla (green): Strong ejector suited for narrow slot ejection in flat die-cutting, and in rotary applications, is good for interior scrap and lead and side trim ejection. 

Dura-Bull or Super Strip (white/tan): Popular slot ejector in both flat & rotary die-cutting. Use sparingly.


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