Ejection Rubber- Rotary Die Cutting

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A brief guide for choosing your Rotary Ejection Rubber:

G-257 or 12300/22300 (gray): the gold (ok, gray) standard for rotary die cutting ejection-rapid recovery, and economical.  G-257 is closed cell and 12300/22300 are neo/micro-cell.

RD-73 or Red Rhino (red)Firm ejector used in both rotary and flat die cutting for a wide range of substrates. 

6118 or 06500 (red): Firm ejection rubber used for corrugated or thicker substrates.  Both are open cell.

F-70 (pink): Firm, economic ejector used for both corrugated cartons and thicker substrates.  Open-cell.

Dura-Bull or Super Strip (white/tan): Popular slot ejector in both flat & rotary die cutting. Use sparingly.

MR-40 (white): Firm neo/micro cell ejection material.

BK-85 (black): High density, resilient ejector used in slots or tightly ruled areas of a die.  Also good as a trim breaker. 

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